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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

User experience design can be used for anything from the layout and stacking of products in a supermarket, to the functionality of a website, right up to how a user would interact with an operating system.

We utilise UX Design for our web and app design, we do this in order to create the best possible platform for our client’s own clients to interact with.

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What you Get

When using UX design methods for your UI design project we follow Agile methodology, this consists of thorough research, persona building, wireframing designs, user testing, strategy building and repeating certain steps until we know it works.

This enables us to create a product that works and generates positive cash flow for a business.


You may be asking, what is UX/UI Design?

UX Design is all about “user experience” UI Design is “user interface”, these two elements are vital for high user interaction with a device, platform or program. So the real question is, do you want your customers to interact more with your product or service?

UX Consultation

User experience in now a vital design practice, there is no point in creating something visually appealing if nobody can figure out how to use it. We use UX design to make something that functions well and is also appealing to the eye.

UI Design

Commonly we would use UI design with web and app building, this stands for User Interface and we intend to create a platform that users would be engaged with and find it easy and fun to use.

Our old website was non-responsive, out of date and didn’t represent the business in the right way. Paper Voice turned the whole website around, helped it to gain focus, and properly represent our business.

Dave Clough, The Way Forward Northeast
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Our website was in dire need of an overhaul, Paper Voice took our website from out of the dark ages into modern day. We love it and we even have full access to update it with our blogs whenever we like.

Jackie Marston, JAM Marketing Ltd
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Paper Voice helped us create our very first website, initially we had just one page with our contact details on it. Paper Voice give us an all singing, all dancing website complete with brilliant photography. We are very happy with it!

Malcolm Shovelin, MWS Plumbing and Heating Ltd
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Maybe you're looking for something else?

Web Design

Responsive web design is the practice of creating website that is optimised for any platform that is it is used on. This that the website is built to know what it is being viewed on, whether that is a desktop computer or laptop, or a smart phone or tablet.

Web Design

Graphic Design

All of our graphic design packages comes with it’s own set of clear specifics, for instance with logo design, at the end of the project you will be given a fullscale vector of your completed logo in full colour and a reversible contrast option.

Graphic Design

Additional Services

So you got your new logo and your website, however, now you need to to get it hosted or ranking in the search engines, or maybe you want to get your business onto social media and you don’t know where to start.

Additional Services

Do you want to increase interactivity with your clients and ulitmately make your business vital to them?

Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do.

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