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Tilleys Bar

Project Info

Client Camerons Brewery

Skills UI Design


Project Description

Tilleys Bar Brief

  • Tilleys Bar is part of the Head of Steam group that is in turn owned by Camerons Brewery
  • Over 130 years old
  • Formally known as The Cluny
  • Offer over 180 different beers as well as guest ales
  • Serves a huge amount of alcohol options from wines to spirits to lager to beers, ales, porters and many more
  • Delicious food menu that offers a wide range of Gastro-pub style food
  • Has a separate cinema room that plays a wide range of movies on an almost daily basis

Aims for new build

  • Must include sections for food menu, drinks menu, film listings, opening times, news and events section, contact form and address.
  • Large interactive sliding rotating banner with clear imagery
  • Fully responsive and parallax style build
  • Floating navigation for scrolling purposes
  • Easy communication with our customers about what we do and offer

Website Design Pitch for Tilleys Bar

Cameron’s Brewery have recently acquired the Head of Steam pubs which include Head of Steam (Newcastle and Durham), The Cluny, Cluny 2, Central Bar and Tilleys Bar. They have been collectively displayed on one website under www.headofsteam.co.uk, Cameron’s now wish for each bar to have it’s own website.

Each site should be unique to each bar however, they should have a similar feel so they can be quickly associated with each other.

The site needs to be easy to navigate as well as interesting and contemporary, it should allow the user to get information quickly and want to view the site. It should headline the USP of each bar, for example Tilleys Bar’s Cinema Room, The Cluny’s Live Gigs, Central Bar’s Cider Festival …etc.

It is very important to display the location of the bar and do it well using Google map integration as well as displaying the actual address.

All of our bars run their own social media accounts, Tilleys Bar is very good with this. So it is integral that social media is linked heavily with elements of the site, in particular Facebook and Twitter.

Should the Tilleys Bar design be a success Cameron’s would look to apply the design across all of the Head of Steam franchise


 Main Header Elements

  • Logo
  • Main Navigation
  • Floating Menu
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact
  • Interactive rotating banner showing food, films & drinks menu


  • Floating Navigation that scales and floats at the top of the page while scrolling up and down pages
  • Menu and social media links must react on hover
  • Menu expands down when increasing navigation content
  • Logo must remain in top left hand corner
  • Must contain contact button


Main Banner

  • Stretches beyond the main page size (e.g. more than 1000px)
  • Overlaid buttons with small description of section/page
  • Overlaid Logo
  • Overlaid Social Media Links
  • Overlaid scrolling arrows on left and right
  • Nav Links – These will be shown at the bottom of the slider to show how many banners there are to scroll through
  • Must show links to food menu, drinks and film listings

About Section

  • Short description of Tilleys Bar
  • Button to the History of Tilleys
  • Mention the over 180 different beers
  • Mention the 2010 Best Bar None Award
  • Mention the 2014 Top 10 Best Craft Bar (The Guardian)
  • Opening times must be clear
  • Reference to Graham as the Bar Manager

Food & Drink

Drinks Menu

  • Show a section of our most popular beer choices
  • Ability to scroll through beer selection
  • Add link to larger 180 beers menu
  • NO PRICES for drinks

Food Menu

  • Display list of food choices (Burgers, Pies, Sandwiches, Desserts …etc)
  • Add Sunday lunch menu
  • Make it interesting perhaps adding photos
  • Display all prices clearly

News & Events

 News & Events

  • This section needs to show up coming events (movies, dj events …etc)
  • Must show link to past events and news
  • Information about new guest ales
  • Allow us to add new information to this section like food menu changes …etc
  • Be able to go to a separate page for more information on each one


Film Listings

  • Area need to by eye catching
  • Need to be clear in the listings, people need to know when the movies are showing (perhaps a countdown or something similar)
  • We will need to update this section often in order to keep it up-to-date on a monthly basis


Contact Section

  • Integrated Google Map (Make it look a bit cooler if you can)
  • Display full address
  • Display full phone number
  • Contact form with name, email and message box
  • Large, clear and obvious



  • Social Media Links
  • Integrated Twitter feed
  • Facebook Facepile
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Instagram Feed
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Links to other bars (Cluny, Head of Steam, Camerons …etc)

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