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Project Info

Client Fullview

Skills UI Design


Project Description

Fullview Brief

  • Trend based resources website to help with inspiration
  • Co-ordinated with the Northumbria University School of Design
  • Brand new concept

Aims for build

  • Draw content from users and external sources
  • Integrated with Social Media
  • Easy to use
  • Simplified navigation

Website Design Brief from School of Design

Fullview is a website developed to showcase various works from the School of Design at Northumbria University, but to also be used as a source of creative inspiration across all media. The website also has a primary function of being a source for directional content that allows users to find current trends in the design world. The team included our designer Steve Myers along with Jack Merrell, Husam Elfaki, and Joseph Coulam.

Many of the sources we analysed were sharing content in a way that did not put the most important content first, design inspiration. By moving towards a mentality that put content first we managed to develop an identity that would reflect this philosophy, by looking at the bigger picture, the ‘full view’. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and so some of the branding was designed to communicate this idea of free-flowing and multidirectional nature of information.


Slider Functionality

The website uses a unique slider navigation system to filter inspiration projects from theme, discipline, colour, complexity, size and more. Users can quickly experiment and find out how these variables coincide with one another, creating interest in the method of finding inspiration as well as offering freedom with what is out there.

The slider controls are introduced in a non-intrusive layout that puts the primary focus on the content, and can be enabled, disabled and rearranged for a registered user. The navigation is made explicit, with the use of simplified graphics making the action of changing filters feel less like a task and more like a powerful tool at your disposal.

Our client for the project was interested in the ability to find content that was trending or referred to as “directional”, as well as being able to catalogue inspiration and colour swatches for later reference. Selecting the signpost icon in the top navigation would offer an insight into trending projects, and these can be later saved into a personal dock once the user is signed in, along with associated swatches.

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