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Most modern websites rely on various pieces of software to remain fully functional, with the most important being the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS that we use to build our websites is called WordPress; WordPress is the most popular, widely used and user-friendly CMS available today. To stay secure and ahead of the game, it requires constant updates. Not only does WordPress require updates, but so do all of the plugins that are used on the site, otherwise they will cease to function correctly, one example of this is the contact form if this is not updated it will no longer notify you about any enquiries that are entered on the form.

For a website to remain operating at the optimum level these kinds of updates need to be undertaken at least once a month and in some cases, should be conducted several times a month.

Considering this, we are now offering our clients a monthly retainer from only £20 per month per website for maintenance of the backend of the website. As part of this retainer, we will maintain the back of the website and safely carry out all required updates. The reason this needs to be undertaken by ourselves is that if this is not done correctly, the website can crash or in a worst-case scenario the website can be broken. As part of this maintenance, we will also remove any unnecessary plugins or code that can be redundant after the updates have been carried out.

On top of this, there are also additional services that we can offer, such as monthly database backups, uploading or updating content, installation of new plugins, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), SSL (security) Certificates installation and more.

  1. Monthly Maintenance Retainer £20 p/m (standard website)
  2. Monthly Maintenance Retainer £40 p/m (e-commerce website)
  3. Database Backups £20-£50 p/m (depending on the size of the website)
  4. SSL Certificate Installation £50
  5. SSL Certificate Purchase and Renewal £50 p/y
  6. Search Engine Optimisation £500 (standard website)
  7. Search Engine Optimisation £1,500 (e-commerce website)

If you are interested in having a monthly maintenance retainer with Paper Voice, please let us know via this link so I can schedule your monthly updates on our calendar.

We also offer Ad-hoc pricing for updating content on your website;

  • Ad-hoc (1 hour) – £50
  • Half-day (4 hours) – £150
  • Full day (8 hours) – £250
  • 2 days (16 hours) – £450
  • 5 days (40 hours) – £1,000

Finally, our website packages pricing will be changing in the next few months; these have remained unchanged for almost five years and so will increase slightly in the coming months. To reflect advances in technology and design or changes in your own industry or business, your website should be redesigned every 3-5 years so to take advantage of the current prices you can book a new website with me now and as soon as a deposit is taken, you will pay the original price.

  • Current Website Package Pricing:
  • Bronze Web Package – £800 (standard website)
  • Silver Web Package – £1,200
  • Gold Web Package – £1,500 (e-commerce website)
  • Platinum Web Package – £2,000
  • Logo Design – £250