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Last three years more than just a ‘Paper Dream’

They say a year is a long time in business, so you would think that three years would seem like an absolute eternity. But for myself and Paper Voice, the last three years has been a blur.

June 4th sees the third birthday of Paper Voice and despite the seemingly light-speed quick passage of time; a lot has changed. Did you realise for example that it was in 2014 when viral hit Flappy Bird was removed from the app store after its developer claimed it was becoming “too addictive.”

Back then, Paper Voice was finding its feet. I had been designing websites since 2010 and responsive websites since 2012. I was coming off the back of freelance work and had decided that the way forward was to set up my own company.

But what else was happening in the world of websites, online and technology? Let’s cast our minds back three years to have a look at the big happenings and see how many you can remember…

I got a free album….and so did U

I’m sure we all know about Marmite – you either love it or hate it and there’s no middle ground. Bono fronted rock band U2 then, who could be described as Marmite and in 2014, the Irish rockers took their Marmite based reputation to the next level, courtesy of Apple.

The makers of the fabled iPhone decided in their infinite wisdom, that everyone loves https://www.fullcircleautowash.com/doxycycline-without-prescriptions-usa-over-the-counter/ free music – even in the form of U2. Their album “Songs of Innocence” was released and automatically installed for free. – nay – forced upon users of every iPhone 4 and above, without permission.

This of course caused anger among the

some 500m users whose device’s memory was taken up by the album, as well as the embarrassment that comes with having a U2 album on your iPhone.

The band later apologised for the stunt, with Apple having to issue instruction on how to delete the offending album.

Living in a parallax universe

2014 was the year parallax design broke onto the scene – or should that be slid?

Parallax website design is probably as far away from the usual click and point websites which allow you to navigate using menus.

Essentially building a whole website into one page, parallax is made to keep the viewer interested for longer, getting them to really engage with the website and more importantly for businesses, get the viewer to the call to action section of the site as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Parallax itself is based on early platforming video games which would use several layers of background all moving at different speeds to create the illusion of a depth, to the two-dimensional screen.  This method stands true to parallax websites, which are also made up of stacked layers.

It’s a fantastic tool to create a website which will stand out from the rest, but it’s maybe best to show in action. Here’s a good example – www.whois.wildlife.la

Guardians strike it rich

As a huge fan of the Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is perhaps a little more of a personal one, but it still links back to work.

2017 has seen the release of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the first edition was released in 2014. The brilliant space adventure tells the story of a bunch of space adventurers brought together by Peter Quill, AKA Starlord to save the universe.

The release smashed box office records, drawing over $94m in its opening weekend, and a total of more than $750m worldwide to date.

It’s a great film and well worth a watch, but it also has a place in my heart for another reason. As well as being a user experience expert, I’m also an illustrator. I’ve seen a number of my drawings used by celebrities across social media, but one of my favourite things to illustrate have been superhero based designs, which I’ve done for years.

The movie gave me more inspiration as well as a good watch at the cinema.

A fair bit has changed in three years, but Paper Voice has been designing great, user friendly websites and designs and that won’t change! It’s been a great three years, and a bit of a rollercoaster, but here’s to the next three years!