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With everything going on with Covid-19, businesses must be up-to-date and pro-active with their online presence, they need to make sure that their website updates their clients/customers on how their business is functioning during the crisis. A perfect example of this is what I have put together for Chartwise UK, who are using their blog as a live stream, by which their large and varied client-base are continuously updated on developments inside and outside of the business. The reason why this is more effective than using social media is that it cannot be lost amongst other stories, it is a permanent fixture on your website with a constant URL.

Businesses need to be utilising their websites during this crisis, with the increasing amount of people having to either work from home or self-isolate. This will be the only point of contact for some businesses over the weeks ahead. This will allow a business to provide constant updates and keep in contact with their customers by providing an information hub about the current situation on their business. The positive is that I can provide a service of supporting businesses and helping them

What I am suggesting is that this could quite possibly be the most opportune time to update a website, either with a full new build or new content to more effectively represent your business, as well as putting out a blog/statement of how their business is reacting to Covid-19. I feel it is best to try and find the positives in this situation and with the uncertainty of when everything will return to normal, this could be an opportunity to finally work on the business instead of in the business.   

As a business that works primarily online, I am fortunate that I can continue in operate throughout this crisis without as much disruption as some companies. I am choosing to use that opportunity by supporting clients old and new, by helping them improve their online presence and keeping connected with their own client base.

If you’re interested in updating your current website, having a brand new one built or simply just making some changes, please get in touch.